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Bellarmine strives to keep connected to it's students, familes, alumni, and benefactors. One way that we will continue this trend is to introduce the Bellarmine Video Magazine. This is an online collection filled with articles, videos, pictures, and news about what is happening up at Bellarmine.

The Lions Are a 4A Force To Be Reckoned With, But It Wasn't Always So

In 1928 Bellarmine dove head first into the Tacoma City League with established mega-schools Stadium, Lincoln, and Clover Park. These were schools, which at the time, had approximately three thousand students or more. Bellarmine, with around three hundred boys, were often outmatched and thus excluded from any sort of playoff or championship games. Once the population of Tacoma grew, and other local high schools such as Mt. Tahoma and Wilson were built, Bellarmine began to prove that it was indeed able to compete at the highest level of high school athletics. Today, it's this same attitude of always seeking the toughest competition that has propelled Bellarmine into the era of perennial athletic success. However, it's the generous support from the Bellarmine community and the dedication of its coaches and teachers that have ensured its student athletes remain successful on and off the field. 

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