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Fr. Thomas Lamanna, S.J. and the Society of Jesus' General Congregation 36: Part 1 & 2

Formerly the Novice Director at Ignatius House in Culver City, California, Fr. Thomas J. Lamanna, S.J. currently teaches Social Studies and serves as the Superior of the Jesuit Community at Bellarmine. In the fall of 2016, Fr. Lamanna, S.J. took a leave from his duties as a teacher and joined more than 200 delegates from around the world to attend General Congregation 36 (GC36). The goal of the congregation was to elect a new Jesuit Superior, but it was also a time for these Jesuit representatives, nine of whom represent provincials in the U.S. and Canada, to discuss petitions from province congregations around the world. In Fr. Lamanna, S.J.'s interview, he discusses the significance of GC36, the congregation's meeting with the pope, and how income inequality, social injustices, and climate change may have more in common than one might acknowledge. 

Part 1

part 2