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99 Years Of Service: How Three Teachers at Bellarmine Left Their Mark

For 28 years, Chris Gavin led as the principal of Bellarmine. One strength that he claimed, was his ability to hire great educators and individuals who would represent Bellarmine's mission, both inside and outside the classroom. When he hired Annette Michalson, Leslie Gould, and Barbara Lidikay early on in his career, this talent soon became increasingly evident. Collectively, these three women have worked at Bellarmine for 99 years, and they've had a tremendous impact on not only their colleagues, but the thousands of current students and alumni that call Bellarmine home. 

Annette Michalson

Annette has served at Bellarmine in various positions over the years. Beginning her time in the Development Office, Annette then transitioned into the Counseling Department, where she worked as a college counselor, and scholarship coordinator. Outside of her duties as a college counselor, Annette served as the Eucharistic Minister Director. Here she managed the student eucharistic ministers for the weekly and all school masses. Annette has also been declared by her colleagues as the resident party planner. Whether it be the WOB (Women Of Bellarmine) gatherings, retirement parties, or holiday events, if there was a memorable party at Bellarmine, chances are Annette was the woman behind it. Annette's friendly attitude, leadership, party planning, and role as an advocate for students will truly be missed at Bellarmine. We wish her great joy during the next chapter of her life! 

Leslie Gould

Over the course of her career at Bellarmine, Leslie has served as a mentor and educator for hundreds of students in A.P. History, The Humanities, and most recently as the Librarian. Educated at the University of Puget Sound and Harvard, Leslie has brought history to life for generations of students, and guided them to achieve exemplary scores on A.P. exams every year. Leslie has also consistently worked with The College Board each year to grade A.P. tests. She uses this experience as a way to gain knowledge in order to help her students achieve even greater success. Recipient of the Elizabeth Kelley Exemplary Teacher Award in 2010, Leslie has consistently shown herself to be a teacher of the highest caliber, who not only is intensely knowledgeable, but also passionate about imparting that knowledge to her students. Her presence in the classroom will be missed, but students who have had the privilege to learn from her will always be grateful for her guidance and support.

Barbara Lidikay

Throughout her tenure, Barbara played an instrumental role in the vision and development of Bellarmine. It was Barbara who developed the idea and spearheaded the mission to create the Learning Resource Center, which opened its doors to students this year. The Learning Resource Center is a space for students at Bellarmine with different learning abilities to find their strengths in a professional and state of the art environment. Assisting students of all abilities has always been at the forefront of Barbara's time at Bellarmine. As the Academic Vice Principal, Barbara has been described as a, "master of situations". Former Principal Chris Gavin, who describes Barbara as a close ally and friend during his time at Bellarmine, said that Barbara would always act in the best interest of the school, as well as its students. Her time and her work at Bellarmine has indeed reflected that sentiment.  

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